Ultra Agents Mission HQ #70165

Ultra Agents Mission HQ #70165

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Set 70165 is a 1,060 piece set from the fantastic set from the Ultra Agents theme. This set hit stores in May 2014 and was retired in October 2015. Mission HQ offers hours of playability because of its unique design. This mobile HQ fits in the back of a semi truck. Packed with a bunch of great details. Like flick missiles, jetpacks, computers and more. This set come with 5 minifigs: Agents Caila, Curtis Bolt, Solomon Blaze, Professor Hydron and the evil Terabyte. This set also features a mech for Terabyte, buggy for the agents, droid and small jet. 

File photo is being use to show this set. At the time of listing the set was not yet built. We have verified all the set and can confidently say that this set is near complete. The main build is there along with the minifigs. With this purchase your will received all the pieces and parts to rebuild. Original minifigs are also included. Original box and instructions are not included.

  • Theme: Ultra Agents
  • Condition: Open Built, Display Only
  • Piece Count: 1,060
  • Age Group: 9-14

This set is on consignment with The Missing Piece. Buying a consigned LEGO item helps someone recoup their money and you get a great LEGO set in return. Please contact is if you would like to know more about our consignment services.