Tremor Track Infiltration #70161

Tremor Track Infiltration #70161

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Set 70161 Tremor Track Infiltration is a great set from the Ultra Agents theme. The Tremor Track is a one of a kind tank. Driven by the Ultra Agent super villain Tremor. This tank offers mounted flick missiles, stud shooters and power punching fist. Unlike other tank and utility truck builds. The Tremor Track uses rubber tracks to roll over its enemies. This set comes with two minifigs: Agent Jack Fury and the super villain Tremor. 

This is an open built set. A file photo is used to show this set. At the time of making this listing the set was not built. This set 99% complete. We did not see any missing pieces but it is an open built set. With this purchase your will received all the pieces and parts to rebuild. Original box and instructions are not included.

  • Theme:  Ultra Agents
  • Condition: Open Built, Display Only
  • Piece Count: 241
  • Age Group: 7-12

This set is on consignment with The Missing Piece. Buying a consigned LEGO item helps someone recoup their money and you get a great LEGO set in return. Please contact is if you would like to know more about our consignment services.