Kings Castle #70404 Pre Sale

Kings Castle #70404 Pre Sale

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**This listing is a pre sale offer for the Kings Castle set 70404. This is an open built set that is currently being reassembled. The missing pieces have been ordered. Updated pictures will be coming soon.**

You can defend or attack the Kings Castle. Be the Dragon soldiers or the Kings Knights. With brick built rams and catapults or swords and shields you can win the battle. This set comes with 7 minifigs: 3 Dragon Knights or the King with his 3 Knights. This is must have for any castle fan. This set was retired in 2014 and was the last true LEGO castle set. Packed with hours of build and play time. 

This set is an open built set. Currently on consignment with The Missing Piece. The owner of this build has provided a detailed list of missing piece. As far as we can tell they are only minor detail pieces or extras. This list can be shared if needed. With this purchase you will receive the piece and parts pictured and the original instructions. Stock photo used to show the built set.