The Missing Piece Process

Being lifelong fans of LEGO®, we truly respect every part of the brick. This comes through in the quality of the items available at The Missing Piece. We want more LEGO® in more hands and work hard to make that happen.

We get our collection from many sources across the US, Canada and even internationally. Each and every brick, plate and minifig is inspected. Everything is checked for condition, completeness and authenticity. We are LEGO® purist and you will only find LEGO® items here. This does take time but it’s the how we ensure that you have the best selection to choose from.

After a new collection has passed the inspection process we clean and sanitize (they are children's toys remember). Some items are disassembled and sold in our bulk brick collection. Other items are rebuilt/repaired and made available for purchase.

Because we are mainly an online shop we recognize that detail is very important to our customers. We work very hard to take high quality images of pieces, instructions and boxes. We try to show every detail or defect. We want our customers to be informed about what they are purchasing and have the confidence that they are getting quality. Next we take our detailed notes and turn them into descriptions. Some times the images can’t get all the details or defects. This is where we may tell you about the items. If a set is retired, its completeness, who owned it before and any other detail that we can give.

Lastly, we list the item on our website. We are a for profit company but we do not practice price gouging that is some times seen with LEGO® prospectors online. Our prices reflect fair market value. We always keep an eye on LEGO® pricing to ensure that our customers get the best value. Remember we want more LEGO® in more hands. We can’t do that if little Charlotte or Jack have to spend all their tooth fairy money on one item.