Collection Images

Guidelines and Rules:

  • You can earn $5 store credit for every image we use.
  • You can submit and many images as you want.
  • The Missing Piece will be selection the images used.
  • Each image must be an original image. Do not copy and pates from online.
  • The image must represent each collection. Use the website for reference.
  • Images must be of a high quality. Lighting is key. Cellphone cameras will work just fine. That’s what we use.
  • Images must be in a landscape format for the website.
  • At this time we are only looking to update collection images with the Yellow Bricks and Text. Feel free to send in images to update other collections. If we like them, we may use them.
  • Email your images to Please use Collection Image in the subject line.
  • Have with this. Please don’t be offend if we don’t use your image or if we ask for a tweak. Our hope is that you will use builds and minifigs from your own collections.