The Missing Piece is a family operated online store. After visiting a similar store Dustin and his wife Emily began talking about creating their own store. Wondering what they would do different and how they could improve on the idea. They spent some time talking and eventual came up with The Missing Piece. The Facebook page was launched on April 25th, 2017 with a website fallowing shortly after. Most recently (January 2020) The Missing Piece moved from Wyandotte Michigan to Cedarburg Wisconsin. We have grown from a small business ran from our home to having a office located in beautiful Cedarburg Wisconsin.

LEGO® was a big part of my childhood ” says Dustin. “We had an old pool table in the basement growing up. My brother and I would play with our LEGO® for hours on it. Now I recognize how LEGO® shaped us. It inspired me to build and create my own ideas and taking the path to become an Architect. Looking back at those times I see how it also encouraged my brother and I to build and play together”. With that in mind its now the goal of The Missing Piece to get more LEGO into more hands and encourage people to #BuildPlayTogether.